How Einstein can help you in the Stock Market.

It’s all about relativity.

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We’ve found that Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity paints quite possibly the most beautiful picture of the stock market. How so? Let us explain…

Most human beings are on a lifelong journey, a hunt of sorts, to reach their full potential. The usual tool most people implement when attempting to reach their potential is a formal education in a field of their choosing. Some people choose to be nurses, some doctors, some engineers, teachers, accountants etc. You can choose to be anything you want in this world, but all professions have one thing in common: There is always some sort of financial compensation for the time the person spends in their chosen field, and almost always they are required to spend multiple years in an educational institution to learn the tools of the trade so to speak.

In the U.S. these are the average hourly compensations just to name a few.

Doctor — $89 per hour median salary (8 years of education + 4 year residency)

Nurse — $29 per hour (4 years of education)

College Professor — $27 per hour (4–8 years of education)

This is considered completely acceptable, common knowledge, and common practice.

Then people come into the stock market and expect to make thousands and millions in their second week of being there.

Not only are the expectations (usually in lieu of any time spent trying to attain trading knowledge or experience) ridiculously high, but traders are more often than not unhappy with their returns even when they do manage to achieve some type of consistency. Some individuals earn $15 per hour doing physically strenuous work, yet most traders are unhappy with making $100 — $200 in a 5-minute trade and end up holding their positions until they go red.

The stock market is a place where there is no ceiling on what an individual can earn, not even the sky’s the limit. Why wouldn’t that require the same time, focus, work, devotion, discipline, and respect as any other profession?

Take your time, observe the market, ask questions, learn, practice.

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Australian lawyer. Living in Asia. Writing about Law, Finance, Wall Street & Startups.

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